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Pressure washing & pressure cleaning

Pressure washing & pressure cleaning

I do pressure washing and pressure cleaning only with professional equipment under high pressure, using pure water. When I do pressure washing, you should not worry about your flowers, plants and trees because I don’t use a solution. I only use pure water under high pressure.

As of today it’s the safest, best and most effective wash that you can order from me. If you want to get the best service, then choose only pressure washing.

The only thing I need from you is for you to show me where I can get access to your water.

At the client’s wish, I can add solution to the water and do the wash with solution. This type of service I do in three stages: 

Step #1 - pressure washing

Step #2 - spray of the solution

Step #3 - pressure cleaning

You can order all pressure cleaning service from me at the following rates:

-pressure washing of driveway - $50, 

2 car driveways - $70, 

sidewalk - $50, 

walkway - $50,

-pressure washing of roofs (tile, asphalt shingles, tar and gravel, flat, metal, wood shingles or shakes) - $150, 

gutters - $100,

-pressure washing of pool deck - $150, 

pool screen - $100,

-pressure washing of patio - $100, 

patio screen $100,

-pressure washing of wood deck - $0.30 for sq ft, 

wood dock - $0.30 for sq ft

-pressure washing of the house - $150,

-pressure washing of exterior walls - $0.15 for sq ft, 

fences - $0.30 for sq ft,

-pressure washing of garage doors - $20, garage floor - $50,

-pressure washing of windows - $20.

I offer my services in South Florida, Broward County, Palm Beach County, and Miami Dade County.

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If you are interested in the lowest rates, then you need my other service called SOFT WASH. By going to the link below you can get the lowest rate


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As of today, pressure cleaning is the most effective method to clean dirt, algae, and mold from any surface. If you daily want to see your house looking beautiful, you roof and driveway clean, then you must do the regular wash and that’s where I come in handy.

Thank you for choosing my service.