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Pavel Sealing

Pavel Sealing

At first, I will need to remove all dirt, mold, and algae with the help of pressure washer. This wash will help to increase the service life of the surface. After that I can do the sealing treatment. You can choose the surface to be satin or matte. Paver sealer is made for beautiful decorative and protective finish. In order for your concrete to get all its maximum qualities, it needs to be covered with paver sealer. After it’s completely dry, the paver sealer becomes a protective shield that’s strongly adhered to your concrete. Paver sealer doesn’t get tarnished for many years under the effect of ultraviolet radiation and chemicals. After applying Paver sealer, all the surfaces become similar to the wet surface as if there was a warm summer rain. All the colors become very pleasant and happy. After application all the small cracks get closed by the film and this prevents the growth of weed grass growing through the cracks in the concrete. The more layers I apply, the shinier the surface will get. Paver sealer increases the working life of your property and lowers the costs in the future for its servicing, and decreases discoloration. Do you want to see your property with shiny surface? With my great pleasure I will do the Paver sealing service for your residential home or commercial property.

Service Areas: Palm Beach County, Miami Dade County, Broward County, South Florida.

The cost of my services: 

Paver sealing (first coat) at $0.50 for sq ft.

Paver sealing (second coat) at $0.50 for sq ft.

Do you want the lowest price? I can simply do the first coat of Paver sealing and you will get the lowest rate.

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