Pressure washing of the roof, gutters and driveway at 49th St, Coconut Creek, FL 33073. 

Hello to all visitors of my website!

I want to bring to your attention my next completed job. I did pressure washing of the roof, gutters and driveway at 49th St, Coconut Creek, FL 33073. 

Under very high pressure I cleaned all the dirt, mold and fungus from the surface of the roof, roadway and gutters. 

It took me about 28 hours to complete the job. 

On the photos and video you will be able to see all the process of pressure cleaning from beginning to the end. To clean I only used pure water, directed onto the surface, under high pressure. 

I want to mention that I don’t use any cleaning detergents or chemicals. 

Such products not always do a good job cleaning the surface, plus they can harm the surface. 

I guarantee you high-quality pressure cleaning service, after which you will not find any dirty spots or cracks on the surface. 

I have been doing this for several years now and I perfectly know how to clean the surface with water using high pressure. 

I have done several jobs of pressure washing services in Coconut Creek. I really like working in this wonderful town, which is located in Broward county. There are about 60,000 people living there. 

City residents carefully watch for the cleanliness of streets, buildings and various structures. Many of them choose power cleaning services, which help them clean the roof and gutters. 

The city residents are very hospitable people that are always happy to see tourists. And there are always lots of people staying for vacation in this interesting named city. Whole year round people come here from different countries. Everything in this city is made for comfort of tourists. You can find hotels for any taste and budget. Besides, everything is thought well through to make everyone feel safe and secure. 

Hotels are always clean and tidy. The owners know how to keep them clean. They are also using power washing services. Using this service you can get any surface looking great in the matter of several hours. 

In other words, people come to this coconut heaven for outstanding vacation. In the morning they hurry to get some yoga exercises and in the evening they relax in the night club. 

There are lots of entertainments here, so anyone can find things to do for themselves. 

Nobody will get bored around here!