Pressure washing of the roof & sidewalk on 159 Drive Homestead FL 33033. 

Hello to all visitors of my website!

I want to show you one of my latest cleaning jobs that I did on 159 Drive Homestead FL 33033. I did pressure washing of the roof and the sidewalk. Under very high pressure I cleaned all the dirt, mold and fungus from the surface. It took me 8 hours to complete the job. It’s just enough time to get a great result. 

On the pictures and video you will be able to see all the pressure cleaning process, from beginning until the end. 

For cleansing, I used only pure water under very high pressure. 

I have been in pressure cleaning services for several years now. During these years I have been able to find regular clients who know how well this kind of cleaning works on roof and sidewalk surfaces. 

The process of power washing services takes several hours and it only requires water. 

I get access to your water and start the power cleaning. 

If you ask me, chemicals and washing detergents can worsen the situation and damage the surface, which is why I don’t use any of them, only water. 

I am ready to come and do the pressure washing services in Homestead. To find out the cost of services please get in touch with me using my contact information. 

Homestead is one of the most beautiful cities in Florida. It was based in 1906, but began to actively develop in 1930’s. About 70,000 people live here. The city is 14 kilometers away from the ocean. It’s very easy to get to the national parks from here, such as Everglades Park and Biscayne. So tourists have places to go. 

When it comes to climate, the winter in Homestead is quiet warm, but the summer is hot and humid. Lots of hurricanes come through this town, that’s why often schools and stores need to get closed. 

But when everything is fine, you can have good time here. The city has parks and shopping centers. You can drive up to the ocean and spend time there. 

The locals are very hospitable and kind. They are always ready to give directions or help out the tourist. 

They are also very tidy. They take good care of their town and do not litter. They always keep the town clean. 

Home owners often call cleaning services because they want to tidy up their roof, sidewalk, windows and so on.