Pressure washing of pools, pool screens, and sidewalks in Sunrise, Florida 33313.

Hello, my dear friends!

I bring to your attention one of my beautiful work examples of No Pressure Washing of the Pool in NW 75th Ave, Sunrise, FL 33313.

Here I performed the pressure cleaning service under the highest amount of pressure, while using only pure water. It took me 6 hours to complete this job. I washed the pool, the pool screen, and the sidewalk. The client is very happy with the work I did. Below, you can see the photos and videos of my washing service under the high pressure. I was able to get rid of all mud and dirt from the pool.


Home owners perfectly know how hard it is to get rid of dirt and mud from the pool and the pool screen, and how important it is to keep the pool always clean. 

We’re not only talking about the appearance and beautify of the property, we are talking about the hygiene and health of the people. If there is any mud or fungus in the pool, it will lead to sad consequences. To avoid such outcome, you must pay close attention to condition of the pool. You can get rid of the mold and fungus from the pool using pressure cleaning services. Only high pressure washing can help in getting rid of all the spots.

There are several pressure washing services in Sunrise, but not everyone guarantees an excellent result.

As for myself, I guarantee a high-quality and quickly completed job.

I only need a few hours to complete the power washing services. In this amount of time I will fully cleanse the pool and I will not leave any spots of dirt or mold. 

Plus, I also offer power cleaning services of sidewalks. On before and after photos you can see how the color of sidewalks changes after they’re washed.

Sunrise is one of the resort towns of Florida state. The town is special because of its incredible beauty and soft climate. There are always lots and lots of tourists in this town. The matter of the fact is that there are very many entertaining centers here. There are all the entertainment that a tourist might need to have a great and interesting vacation. 

There is a “Florida Panthers” home hockey team arena in this town. Many hockey fans come here to see the training games. There is also one of the largest shopping centers of America in this town.

In 2010, it has been recorded that 85,000 people live here. This town was founded relatively recently, but it has quite a developed infrastructure.

There are also many hotels of different price category.