Pressure cleaning of the sidewalk and driveway at Cleveland Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33141

Many think that keeping the house clean is enough but they forget about the territory around the house and the driveway, although, it’s very important to clean all the surfaces. 

Recently, I did a job of pressure cleaning services in Miami Beach. Using just water, directed under very high pressure, I cleaned the sidewalk and the driveway. I removed the mold and dirt using just water, because pressure washing services don’t suggest using any chemicals. 

I offer power washing services for several years now. I know how effective this service is. On the photos below, you can see how the surface changes after the power cleaning services. In only 7 hours I cleaned all the dirt, mold, and fungus, while not using any cleaning detergents. 

Miami Beach is a city that is located in the South of the state of Florida. It is one of the most popular resort cities in the world. Millions of tourists come here annually to relax and have a great time. Miami Beach is known for its beach parties and entertainment. 

The city was based in 1915. The population is about 90,000 people. There are no exact data on the population census in recent years.

There are lots of hotels in the city for any taste and budget. There are also many beaches and culturally historical places. Tourists can have a great time day and night. 

The city doesn’t lose its popularity. The number of tourists is growing each year. Many love coming here for vacations so much that they don’t want to go anyplace else. Miami Beach is known for its beautiful sunsets and beaches. This city is truly beautiful and interesting. Every tourist can find things to do around here. 

I love working in Miami Beach. I have many regular customers with whom I cooperate for a long time. I come to Miami Beach often to perform a cleaning job of homes and their territories. I have been cleaning for about 20 years now. To find out the cost of my services, get in touch with me. I will give you the estimate and come to your house. You will be happy with my work, I give you my guarantee. Pressure washing service is the most effective and that is why I recommend it to everyone.