Pressure cleaning of the pool deck, pool screen, patio, walls, sidewalk,  and driveway at 15743 78th Pl N, Loxahatchee, Florida 33470

Maintaining the house and the site of the house in cleanliness and hygiene is a necessity. Private homeowners know how important it is to clean the house inside and out, the pool, sidewalks, garage, and so on. 

In my opinion, the most effective method of cleaning the surface is pressure washing. This process consists of cleaning the surface with water, directed under very high pressure. No chemicals are used during this type of cleaning. I have been performing power washing services for many years and I know that this process is the most effective. 

Recently, I did a pressure cleaning job at Loxahatchee, Florida 33470. Under very high pressure, I cleaned the pool deck, pool screen, patio, and walls. I also used this technique to clean the driveway and a sidewalk. I was able to remove all dirt, fungus, and mildew. All surfaces were cleaned from any formations using the power cleaning technique.  

It took me 26 hours to complete this job.  Homeowners were happy and I was thankful for trusting this job to me. You can see photos and video of my work below. You will see the real difference before and after work. 

Loxahatchee is a community that is located in Palm Beach County in the state of Florida. 3000 people live in Loxahatchee. The climate is very pleasant, due to which the sun is shining all-year-round and the temperature doesn’t go below the 15 degrees. 

There are many landmarks in Loxahatchee, despite the small size of the city. You can see many interesting cultural and architectural monuments. Also, there are many hotels and motels of various price categories. 

Tourists come to this small town to have some peace and quiet. You can get lots of entertainment and visit many parties in other cities of Florida, but Loxahatchee has a calm rhythm of life. The locals are very polite to the tourists. 

I often come to this county for work. The locals know how important it is to keep their homes and yards clean. I come and clean the surfaces, walls, pools, and sidewalks in a matter of several hours.  All my clients are happy with my work. I have many regular customers from this beautiful county.