Pressure cleaning of the court, driveway, sidewalk, and walkway in Ocean Blvd, Golden Beach, FL 33160.

Hello, dear guests of my website! I want to show you one of the jobs I did recently. 

This work I carried out at Blvd, Golden Beach, FL 33160.

I did pressure cleaning of the court, driveway, sideway and walkway. 

Using very high water pressure I was able to remove all dirt, mold and fungus from the surface. 

It took me 15 hours to complete this job. 

On the photos and video which you see below, you will be able to see all the pressure washing process from start until finish. 

To clean, I only needed pure water, which I directed onto the surface, using very high pressure. 

Pressure washing service is one of the most effective methods of removing any type of dirt and formation from the surface. Using only water, directed under very high pressure, you can remove all kinds of dirt, mold and fungus from the driveway, sideway and walkway, in the matter of several hours. 

Power washing services doesn’t include using chemicals or washing detergents which often cause harm to the surface of the court. I guarantee only high-quality result. Before and after pictures demonstrate the result I reach in the matter of several hours.

I am ready to come and provide pressure cleaning service in Golden Beach at your home. I come to this municipality very often because private home owners and owners of various companies often use my services. 

They know how important it is to keep the sidewalks and other roadways clean. 

Golden Beach is in Miami Dade County. Municipality was based in 1924. 

Its area is only 0.78 square kilometers. The population of Golden Beach was 909 people per 2000 people. Now, of course, it has increased. In Golden Beach, all families live very well. The standard of living here is very high. 

Golden Beach is located along the coast. The climate here is fairly good. It’s hot in the summer and warm in the winter, which is why the tourists come here all-year around. They come here for a vacation. There are several hotels here with all the conveniences. In the municipality there are many places for entertainment and recreation, shopping centers and parks. But mainly, people spend their time on the beach. In the morning, people like doing yoga or gymnastics on the shore of the beach. In the evening there are various events going on.